Flying with your bike?


Buds-Sports Bike Travel Bags

Unanimously approved in Europe by professionals and casual bikers, Buds-sports bike travel bags are designed to protect your bike while traveling around the world.

What sets us apart

Keep the rear wheel

Keeping the rear wheel offers an increased stability, faster packing/unpacking and better protection for your bike during the transport. Only at Buds-Sports.

Fully padded bags

Most of our bike travel bags are fully padded, up to 13mm, to protect your bike at all cost during the transport.

Padded accessories

In order to maximize the protection of your bike within the bag, most of our bags comes with additional padded accessories to secure each of your bike parts.

High quality materials

We attach great importance to respecting the environment, which is why our bags are only designed with 100% recyclable materials and with 0% PVC

Bike Travel Bags for Air Travel
Bike Travel Bags for Car/Bus/Train
Explore the world with your bike

Wherever I go, my bike goes

Adapted to fit all the requirements defined by planes, trains and other transportation, the Buds-Sports bike travel bags are the perfect solution to take your bike wherever you go.

Fast and Easy to use

Packing your bike has never been that easy

Innovative solutions created to pack and transport your bike faster and safer than ever.

Removing both wheels or keeping the back one, you choose what fits the best for you and your bike.

Sounds great right ?

your bike is safe

Need a reinforced protection ?

We got you !

At Buds-Sports, we have an adapted bike travel bag to any of your needs.

Whether it's for ground or air transport, or just for storage, we got what you need?

Simple bike covers, bike simple and padded travel bags, wheel bags, and accessories to ensure the best protection during transport.

They've tried it

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