RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag
RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag

RMTBAG TRAVEL | Fully Padded Bike Travel Bag

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Full 13mm foam padding
Included: Drivetrain, Fork and Frame protect
Remove 2 wheels - suited for all type of bikes
Perfect to fly safely with your bike

Your next trip with your bike calls for a fully reinforced bike travel bag like the RMTBAG TRAVEL. With its integral padding, two padded wheel pockets and reinforced accessories for each bike parts, your bike is safely protected during the transport.

Looking for a wheeled bike travel bag? Check the ROLLBAG PRO

High protection with high density foam padding with shape memory

Safe frame with the Frame Protect  Protect (included)

2 Large ergonomic handles for transport comfort 

Safe drivetrain with the Universal Bike Support (included)

Safe wheels in the dedicated and padded interior pockets

Safe Fork with the Fork Bike Protect (included)


Fits for all types of road Bikes and Gravel bikes up to 700C and for all types of MT bikes up to 29”. Max length 52 in, Max width 35.5 in.

Measure your bike dimensions as on the product image to make sure it will fit inside the bag.

Dimensions unfolded: 52 x 35.5 x 11.8 in

Dimensions folded: 31.5 x 15.7 x 6.3 in

Weight: 10,8 lbs

Exterior material: PE600D

Interior material: TPE-lined +13 mm high-density atilon foam padding with shape recovery on all sides + PE Board reinforcements on lateral sides

Is there any guarantee applied to Buds-Sports products?

Our main guarantee is reflected from the overall satisfaction of our customers around the world. If 98% of our clients are satisfied and are recommending our products, we guess that this is enough as a guarantee.

However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason about the product you just received, we are offering a 30 days product guarantee. Please send your detailed request at customers@buds-sports-us.com.

Is it better to keep the rear wheel of remove it for the transport of the bike?

We would always advise you to keep the rear wheel for two main reasons:

  • The transmission and particularly the rear derailleur, as well as the chainstays and seatstays, are fully protected by the retention of the rear wheel on the bike.
  • It is way faster to pack your bike in its travel bag if you have to remove the front wheel only. 

Do I need any accessories if I’m buying a Buds-Sports bike travel bag?

The bag itself is enough for the transport of the bike. However, if you want to maximize the security of your bike during transport, we highly suggest to add the accessories.

We are never safe from any mishandlings of the bike bag that could cause damages to the bike or the structure. This is why we created some innovative accessories that will cover the most important part of your bike structure and guarantee a safe transport. 

What are the differences between Light, Original and Travel product lines?

The main difference between these three product lines is the quality of the material which increases the overall quality and longevity of the bike travel bag.

The PE600D is the perfect material for this type of products. The Travel product line is padded and made of a PE600D material, the Original is also made with a PE600D but not padded, and the Light is made of a Nylon240 which is very light and compact, ideal for bikepacking.

There is an issue with my order, what should I Do? (Wrong item, damaged, unsatisfied…)

That is unfortunate and we are sorry about it, don’t worry we are here to help you.

Send us an email at customers@buds-sports-us.com with your order number attached and with a detail explanation of your problem/request. We will get back to you within 24/48h.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sturdy and Secure for Rough Transits

I was thoroughly impressed with the RMTBag Travel Plus. Its robust padding and additional protectors for the drivetrain, fork, and frame gave me peace of mind during a rugged transit. The bag is a bit bulky but it's a small price to pay for the security it provides.

Robert Ogletree
Flight bag

I’m currently in Oregon, having flown from Georgia. I used Delta and paid $30, the same as any checked bag. It worked out great.

great product

Excellent product
After testing several models, this one is by far my best buy. I no longer have to lower the saddle or rotate the handlebars, and the wheel storage area is well designed. It's still a lightweight cover that protects the bike well. I added the fork protector and bottom bracket protector with this purchase, and I recommend these items!

tanguy HUGUES

Bulky but good protection
Perfect for very large bikes

Georges Ghorayeb
Great equipment!

Haven't had time to test it yet, but it's top-notch!

Worlwide Brand

Buds-Sports is a French recognized brand that is deployed in more than 28 countries.

Buds-Sports travel bags and accessories have travelled and protected bikes all around the world for hundreds of thousand miles.

It's your bike's turn !

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our products are used by professionnals, semi-pros, casual users and pationnate bikers.

Once you will try it, you will adopt it !

Guaranteed protection

Always worried about the damage that can occur during the transport of your bike ?

No worries with the Buds-sports solutions that guarantees a 100% safe bike transport

Explore the world with your bike

Where are we going next ?

The most beautiful roads, the most challenging tracks, the most advanced downhills.

With Buds-Sports bike transport solutions, don't be afraid to travel with your bike.